Our commitment

Our commitment


Satisfaction of our clients and their support is one of the cornerstone of Tonelería Duero’s policy. We adhere the best quality of our products, services and careful attention to our clients. This is why our company has developed our own system of quality control which includes:

  • The use of exclusive APPCC method at all points of the process.
  • Duero barrels and vats pass rigorous quality control during the entire process of the production: from the reception of the wood to creating the barrel. The control process includes:
  • Quality control of wood, water, atmosphere, stoppers and other accessories.
  • Laser marks applied on each barrel allows to trace every barrel and to find out all information from the origin of the wood to the details of the manufacturing process  of the particular barrel.
  • All barrels pass leakage check before the delivery.
  • Barrels produced by Tonelería Duero are certified according to the Registro Sanitario de Alimentos 39.02948/BU.
  • We provide 2 year guarantee in case of any manufacturing defects occur.
  • After-sales technical service is provided.



Tonelería Duero is conscious that only respect, protection and conservation of the environment can guarantee the existence of cooperages for many years. This is why our commitment is to apply all strict regulations established by international programs of the conservation of the environment. Thus, we are buying oak wood only with PEFC or FSC certificates. We pursue the transparency and uninterrupted tracking of the raw materials in our company.

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