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Our products

In Tonelería Duero we know how important is the barrel to create a great wine, a beer and a distilate, which composes the brand of the producer.

Every oenologist, master brewer or distillate producer is looking towards  a special touch of their product in order to make a unique one. The maceration in different containers made of oak wood is traditionally used for it.

Oak barrels and tanks are powerful tools, which help to mature drinks providing them with aromas, tannins and structure. Different types of oak wood in combination with its toasting and the volume of the container create a wide variety of nuances  winemakers and other specialists are working with.

That is why Tonelería Duero has developed diverse positions for barrels and vats in order to provide a perfect solution for every project.

Here you can find our range of cooperage products to suit all tastes and needs: barrels made of French, European, American and Spanish oak with volumes ranging from 3 to 500 litres for each barrel or vat. You can choose new or used conical vats, alternative products.

Duero Tradición barrels

Duero Tradición barrels collection was specially designed for traditional aging of wines. This collection always guarantees an excellent result with all grape varieties. Duero Tradición …

Duero Selección barrels

Barrels of Duero Selección collection were specially created for aging of red and white wines, and  are designated to perfrom an excellent result. The oak …

L´Aura barrels

L´Aura barrels product line was specially created for aged wines. The wood of carefully selected French and Hungarian oaks with the extra fine grain contribute …

Wood vats

Wood vats, as oenological instrument, offer great advantages for winemaking and aging. Our vats made from French oak wood provide to your wine an excellent …

Used barrels

Tonelería Duero is always ready to conform to the requirements of all our clients and to reduce the environmental impact. Therefore we offer used barrels …

Oak barrels previously used for diferent wines

Following the latest market trends, Tonelería Duero offers Oak barrels previously used for diferent wines. The aromatic richness of the wood combined with aromas of …

Small oak barrels

Tonelería Duero offers small oak barrels of all volumes including the smallest one: from 3 to 100 litres. Depending on the volume these barrels are …

Oenological alternatives

Tonelería Duero offers wide range of solutions in oak wood products and this, of course, includes oenological alternatives. In particular, we offer such products like …

Quality demands perfection and constant effort in each work area – this is where the exceptional results of our barrels and the satisfaction of our customers are born.

Quality wood

The certified oak wood from best suppliers enshrines the entire process of the manufacturing of our barrels


The great experience of our coopers, best technical solutions together with innovation and research.


We find solutions for all applications our clients require.

Our team

Our team and the quality of our products are birds of a feather. Tonelería Duero nests a group of professionals with great experience in the sector that are delivering their everyday efforts and passion in each project. Coopers are undoubtedly  the most important staff of our company, but we are also proud of our oenologists , decoration and administration  personnel that is capable to serve any kind of needs of our clients and deliver the best advise they are seeking for.

Experience, continuous training and research, commitment of our team make any project vibrant with us.

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