Types of the barrel toasting

Types of the barrel toasting

Types of toasting of a barrel and how it affects the taste of vines is a matter of in-depth scientific study. High temperatures produce physical and chemical changes in oak wood that will directly influence parameters that the barrel will hand over to the wine. A stronger toasting provides deeper aroma compound, but less expression of wood tannins.

Tonelería Duero has its own toasting protocol that is based on extensive studies by prestigious scientists and our own researchers, as well as our long-lasting experience. The toasting protocol defines the combination of the temperature, fire intensity and time of the exposure of the oak wood to fire depending of the type of toasting.

Furthermore, the experience and know-how of our coopers are a crucial part of this delicate process. We can provide our clients with toasting profiles and how they reveal themselves in a particular wine. We guarantee equability of toasting throughout the entire surface of the barrel as well as the uniformity of toasting penetration depth for each grade of toasting.

Natural or without toasting – Uncharred wood helps to stabilize the color of the wine and to highlight its fruity composition. With a carefully controlled wood drying process we completely eliminate green notes from the wood that is highly unlikely for the wine.

Light toasting – stabilizes the color highlights the sweet character of the wine.

Medium toasting (up to 10 mm toasting penetration) – adds aromatic complexity to the wine with notes of caramel and toffee.

Medium plus toasting (10 mm toasting penetration with greater intensity) – adds aromatic complexity to the wine with notes of caramel and toffee.

High expression (15 mm toasting penetration) – provides aromatic complexity to the wine and roasted notes in French oak and dark chocolate in American oak.

Strong (10 mm toasting penetration with the most toasted surface) – adds aromatic complexity to the wine. In French oak strong toasting highlights smoky notes, in American oak notes of dark chocolate are emphasized.

The bottoms of barrels are not toasted by default since the wood used for the bottoms undergoes a longer drying process, which guarantees its quality. However, we can toast the bottoms too upon the request of the client.

Our specialist will provide you with a professional advice based on our profound expertise and in-depth knowledge of our products regarding the toasting and wood type to choose the best matching product for your needs.

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