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In Tonelería Duero we are delighted to welcome professionals and wine tourists to get your acquainted with our  premises and production process.

We believe that being close to our clients and society in general is of paramount importance to us.  The trade of cooper is quite rare in our days and we want to promote and popularize this old art.



We are delighted to welcome all professionals dedicated to wine, beer or liquors in order to show them our cooperage and our way of working. We believe it is the best way to get acquainted with  our products in depth.

During the visit, you will see our natural Oak Wood Drying Park on the banks of the Duero river and our new premises equipped with the best facilities our masters use to create a best quality products. You will also experience the processes of manufacturing of the barrels, our quality control and traceability system. At the end, you will discover our products in a close and personalized way. During the visit we will be happy to answer all your questions and may propose solutions for your projects.

If you do not have time to travel to our facilities, request a visit of our professionals to your winery, beer factory or distillery.


Everyone knows the value that a barrel brings to the wine but few know the efforts that is behind to make one. That is why we open our doors to all wine enthusiasts so that they learn how barrels their favourite wines are aging in are being made.

During the visit you will discover our new premises, the Wood Drying Park on the banks of the Duero river and, of course, you will see our master coopers making barrels. In addition, we will reveal the history of the barrel, the types of oak wood used for the barrel making and the influence of the wood on wine and much more. The tour will be complimented with small appetizers and wine.

Wine tourist visits are arranged  in groups with a minimum of 5 people.

Conditions, contact us.

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