Oak barrels previously used for diferent wines

barrels previously used for diferent wines

Oak barrels previously used for diferent wines

Following the latest market trends, Tonelería Duero offers Oak barrels previously used for diferent wines. The aromatic richness of the wood combined with aromas of the wine, which was contained in the barrel is a never-ending source of elegance for distillates and beer. French and American oak barrels used for Oloroso, Muscat, Porto or Pedro Ximenez offer great possibilities for the projects of our clients. Moreover, our strict protocol of reception, selection, cleaning and traceability of the barrels guarantees quality, food safety and integrity of the product.


225 – 228  – 300 litres


First quality oak wood from Central France and USA.


  • Oloroso
  • Muscat
  • Porto
  • Pedro Ximenez
  • Red wine


  • External sanding. Despite the fact that this type of barrels are normally not sanded, at the customer’s request we make this additional operation.
  • Personalization of the barrels with customer logos.
  • Metal or wooden barrel supports.


  • The strict protocol of the reception, traceability, selection and cleaning of each barrel.
  • All the barrels previously used for diferent wines pass leakage test before the delivery.
  • All barrels made by Tonelería Duero are certified according to the Registro Sanitario de Alimentos 39.02948/BU.
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