Used barrels

used barrels

Used barrels

Tonelería Duero is always ready to conform to the requirements of all our clients and to reduce the environmental impact. Therefore we offer used barrels with different characteristics: volumes from 225 to 500 litres and all types of oak.

Our strict protocol of reception, selection, cleaning and traceability of our barrels guarantees the quality and integrity of the product.

Renovated barrels

The renovation of the barrels is a delicate process, which carries the risk of impairment of the barrel structure. For that reason our specialists make a special selection of barrels with thicker staves in order to prevent any harm to occur. The renovation consists of sanding of the internal surface of the barrel. This process removes all wine incrustations and outworn wood.  In order to provide the perfect finishing, we make external sanding of the barrels, deep cleaning with steam, drying and sulphur disinfection. Moreover, all renovated barrels pass the leakage test.

Renovated barrels are perfect for those winemaking processes, where a great tannins’ input of new wood is not required. That is why we recommend this type of barrel for distillates, beers or Porto wines.

Used barrels

Our used barrels were little used , between 2 to 4 years. They come from the wineries from prestigious wine regions. All used barrels pass through several inspections of hygienic quality (to exclude any divergence from standards)) and physical integrity of staves. Next, all the barrels are washed, run through the leakage test, disinfected and sanded outside.

This type of product is perfect for those winemaking processes, where a great tannins’ input of new wood is not required, only micro- oxygenation. This is why this type of barrel is perfect for distillates, beers or Porto wines.

Barrels for decoration

We appreciate the sustainability of our environment and we give the second life to the barrels and the high quality oak wood.

Barrels that cannot be used for winemaking anymore  are transformed in perfect accessories for restaurants or private premises. In Tonelería Duero we make custom decoration of barrels, furniture and decoration with staves.

For more information about each type of barrel please consult our shop on-line: Used barrels.

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