Wood vats

Wood vats

Wood vats

Wood vats, as oenological instrument, offer great advantages for winemaking and aging.

Our vats made from French oak wood provide to your wine an excellent micro- oxygenation as well as aromas and perfect thermal inertia. The conical shape of the vat creates a perfect contact within themust during the fermentation process, and facilitates the process of the extraction.  Wooden vats are coming with oenological accessories designated for a particular for a particular winemaking process.

Tonelería Duero has been manufacturing  wood vats for more than a decade. The team of our cooperage masters performs every project in a unique way from the assembly of all segments piece after piece to the sanding of all surfaces to meet clients’ requirements. Our vats are adapted to the preferences of each winery: its volume and  configuration of accessories.


We use only the French oak wood from the best forests from Central France for our vats. To guarantee greater structure stability we use 60 mm staves, which is thicker than used in our barrels. Selected wood comes through a controlled outdoor drying process in our own Drying Park for at least 5 years in order to be used in vats’ manufacturing.


The volume of the wood vat is determined by the client according to his necessities. We have the experience in manufacturing of  vats with the capacity from 200 litres to 50hl.


We have a wide range of oenological stainless steel (304 and 316) accessories in our catalogue that would help to optimise processes in the winery. The configuration of the components of each vat is decided by the client according to his preferences. All details are custom-made and  they meet all safety and hygiene standards.


On the outside of the vat we apply a special alimentary varnish, which protect the wood from the humidity but allows it to breathe.


 All Duero Vats pass rigorous quality control during all stages of the process of manufacturing: from the reception of the wood to the set-up and customization of each vat.

  • All vats pass leakage test before the delivery.
  • Vats made by Tonelería Duero have the Food Sanitary Register 39.02948/BU.
  • 2 years of the guarantee of the manufacturing defects
  • After-sales technical support service
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