Duero Selección barrels

duero Selección barrels

Duero Selección barrels

Barrels of Duero Selección collection were specially created for aging of red and white wines, and  are designated to perfrom an excellent result. The oak wood is carefully selected in order to provide the aromatic richness and balance of tannins. This collection offers the widest range of oak wood and volumes of barrels to offer the perfect solution for  creation of all wines.


Duero Selección Barrels are made from Quercus petraea (French oak), Quercus pyrenaica (Spanish oak), Quercus alba (America oak), Quercus robur (European oak) and Quercus frainetto (Hungarian, Italian oak) varieties of oak. We choose  wood of FAS quality (highest grade of hardwood lumber), which guarantee the exceptional quality of the final product. Moreover, the PEFC and FSC certificates ensure the sustainable origin of the wood for our barrels.

The rigorous manual selection of wood in accordance with specifications and controlled drying outdoors in our Drying Park for at least 24 months  is the cornerstone of the quality of Duero Selección barrels.

OAK Grain Stave thickness Minimum drying
French Fine 27 mm 36 months
American Medium 27 mm 24 months
Central European Fine 27 mm 36 months
Spanish Medium 27 mm 24 months


225 – 228 – 300 – 400 – 500  litres



We always make traditional toasting using toasting pots with open oak wood fire, control of the temperature and the know-how of our coopers. This is how we reach the uniform toasting of the entire surface of the barrel. By default, we do not toast the bottoms since the wood intended for the bottoms undergoes a longer drying time, which guarantees its quality. At the request of the client we toast them as well.


  • Duero Selección barrels pass rigorous quality control during the entire process of the production: from the reception of the wood to crafting the barrel.
  • All barrels pass leakage check before the delivery.
  • Barrels produced by Tonelería Duero are certified according to the Registro Sanitario de Alimentos 39.02948/BU.
  • Laser marks applied on each barrel allows to trace every barrel and to find out all information from the origin of the wood to the process of manufacturing of the particular barrel.
  • We provide 2 year guarantee in case any defects of the manufacturing occur.
  • After-sales technical service is provided.


  • Customer branding could be applied on the barrel upon request.
  • Metal or wooden barrel supports.
  • Manufacturing of mixed barrels upon request.
  • Accessories for vinification and other process (faucets, special taps etc.)


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