Small oak barrels

small oak barrels

Small oak barrels

Tonelería Duero offers small oak barrels of all volumes including the smallest one: from 3 to 100 litres. Depending on the volume these barrels are perfect for storage, transporting or aging of distillates and wines. The smallest barrels  (from 3 to 55 litres) are recommend for distillates and liquors: this is an original and practical solution. Moreover, these barrels are very nice to decorate any premises, including bars or restaurants. Barrels of this volume are not very common for wine making. Because the relationship between the contact surface and volume make the interaction between wine and wood too intensive and in most cases it is not recomended.

Bigger barrels of 100, 130 or 150 litres are perfect for winemaking in small amounts or house winemaking, or making of beers, distillates and other drinks as well as for storage.


3 – 5 – 10 – 15 – 30 – 55 – 80 – 100 – 130 – 150 litres


  • French oak
  • American Oak


Small barrels are manufactured in the same artisanal way like big standard barrels (225 litres). For this purpose we use first quality American and French oaks dried outdoors in our Drying Park at least for 24 months. All wood used in Tonelería Duero originates form sustainable woods with PEFC and FSC certificates. According to original techniques of traditional barrels’ manufacturing we use an open oak wood fire. Smaller barrels (less than 55 litres) have a light toasting, because the thickness of the staves does not allow to performa stronger toasting. The rest of the barrels have medium toasting, the most suitable one according to our studies.


  • Before the barrels are delivered to the client, our specialists hydrate them and make the leakage test for every one of them. So, a client does not need to perform any additional processes before using the barrel.
  • Duero barrels pass strict quality control during the entire process of the production: from the reception of the wood to crafting the barrel.
  • The barrels produced by Tonelería Duero are registered with Registro Sanitario de Alimentos 39.02948/BU.


  • Customer branding could be applied on the barrel upon request.
  • Installation of a stainless steel or wooden faucet for comfortable use as drink dispenser or winemaking processes.
  • Different models of wooden barrel supports.

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